Uses Application Cache

Uses Application Cache

Appears in: Best Practices audits

The Application Cache, also known as AppCache, is deprecated.

How the Lighthouse Application Cache audit fails

Lighthouse flags pages that use the Application Cache:

Lighthouse audit showing that a page uses the Application Cache

This audit fails when Lighthouse finds a reference to the Application Cache manifest in a page's <html> tag. For example, this markup causes the audit to fail:

<html manifest="example.appcache">

Each Best Practices audit is weighted equally in the Lighthouse Best Practices Score. Learn more in The Best Practices score.

Use the Cache API instead of the Application Cache

To pass this audit, remove the manifest from your page, and use the Cache API via a service worker instead.

To migrate from the Application Cache to service workers, consider using the sw-appcache-behavior library. This library generates a service-worker-based implementation of the behavior defined in an Application Cache manifest.

See the Current page does not respond with a 200 when offline post for more information about using service workers to make your site work offline.


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