Resolving Glitch issues

Resolving Glitch issues uses Glitch to embed web-based sample apps and development environments in its posts and codelabs. See the Sample apps post for information about how to set up a Glitch.

This post will show you how to resolve some common Glitch issues.

Subscribing to Glitch and paying for Boosted Apps will automatically increase memory and disk space as well as improve your rate limits. That's an always an option if you run into any of the disk/memory issues mentioned in this post. Learn more.

Project is suspended

If you see a "Project has been suspended" message when opening a new project, contact support via their public forum or by emailing You should receive a reply soon with steps you can take to fix your project.


Exceeding disk usage

If you see an App Status warning with exceeded disk limits, you'll need to clear up some space before you can edit and use the project.

Disk limit exceeded
  • Remove any unnecessary dependencies from package.json
  • In the terminal, run git gc and git prune to remove unneeded files
  • Run du -hd1 to to see which directories are taking up disk space
Directories disk usage

If an unneeded directory is bloating up on every build and taking up disk space:

  • Remove it (rm -rf directory_name)

  • Consider adding a prestart script in package.json to ensure it gets deleted on every build

    "scripts": {
    "prestart": "rimraf directory_name",
    "start": "..."

If the .git directory is taking up disk space:

  • Run git log --name-only --format="" | cat | sort | uniq -c | sort -nbr to see which files are being committed to history (note: this will still include files previously committed even if they are now in .gitignore)
Committed files
  • If you see any directories committed many times that shouldn't be, add them to .gitignore
  • If you don't need .git history, remove the .git folder (rm -rf .git)
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