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List items (<li>) are not contained within <ul> or <ol> parent elements

Appears in: Accessibility audits

Screen readers and other assistive technologies require list items (<li>) to be contained within parent <ul> or <ol> to be announced properly.

When assistive technologies come to a list, they notify users how many items are within the list. If you don't wrap list items in a parent list element, assistive technologies can't set user expectations correctly.

How this Lighthouse audit fails

Lighthouse flags list items (<li>) that aren't contained in <ul> or <ol> parent elements:

Lighthouse audit showing list item isn't contained within a parent list

The Lighthouse Accessibility score is a weighted average of all the accessibility audits. See the Lighthouse accessibility scoring post for more information.

How to fix orphaned list items

Wrap any orphaned <li> elements inside a <ul> or <ol> element.


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