All of Learn Accessibility! is available

All modules have now been published.

Alexandra Klepper
Alexandra Klepper

All modules in the Learn Accessibility course are now available. Written by Carie Fisher, these courses take you through the essentials for building accessible websites and web apps.

You can read them in whatever order you'd like. The final modules on testing walk you through a culmination of all of your knowledge:

The last new module will teach you how to make your forms more accessible. This is a great complement to Learn Forms.

And that's not all. We had four community spotlights with people working on accessibility:

  • Melanie Sumner told us about her journey into engineering, accessible design, Ember.js, and the importance of funding these efforts.
  • Olutimilehin Olushuyi told us about his move from the law to web development, building accessible communities, and creating accessible layouts.
  • Albert Kim told us about mental health awareness, building for invisible disabilities, the COGA Accessibility Community Group, and more practical wisdom.
  • Elisa Bandy told us about her work for Google's internal documentation, how to prioritize use cases, and building expertise.

We hope you'll discover some new best practices. These modules are meant to build your expertise, but some accessibility best practices differ, based on the disability you're addressing.

We remain open to your feedback. Open a GitHub issue and give as much information as you can so we can address your questions or concerns.