We want to help you build beautiful, accessible, fast, and secure websites that work cross-browser, and for all of your users. This site is our home for content to help you on that journey, written by members of the Chrome team, and external experts.
Check out on-demand sessions and learning content to see what Google and Chrome are doing to help you work smarter, ship faster, and stay inspired.
Start measuring and optimizing your site's Interaction to Next Paint (INP) performance. It officially became a Core Web Vital metric on March 12.

What's new?

At Google I/O 2023 we announced Baseline, learn more about this initiative and why we think it's important.
Discover some of the interesting features that landed in stable and beta web browsers during April 2024.
Follow Una Kravets and Adam Argyle, developer advocates from Google, who gleefully break down complex aspects from CSS into disgestible episodes of this podcast.

CSS and UI design

Learn the latest tips and techniques to use in your work, right now.
Adapt a font to your users' preferences, so they're maximally comfortable reading your content.
All major engines now support the new CSS color spaces and functions. Find out how they can bring vibrancy to your designs.
Improve web debugging experience with source maps.
Subgrid is now interoperable across all three major engines. Find out how to use it.

Core Web Vitals

Build faster websites and apps by understanding Core Web Vitals and other metrics.
Interaction to Next Paint will officially become a Core Web Vital and will replace First Input Delay on March 12.
Learn how to optimize for the Interaction to Next Paint metric.
A collection of best practices for optimizing websites' Core Web Vitals performance based on the state of the web in 2023.
The Web Vitals extension now shows you more debugging information to help you identify the root causes of Core Web Vitals issues.

Progressive Web Apps

Create capable web experiences.
A course that breaks down every aspect of modern progressive web app development.
Now that transform streams are supported in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome they are finally ready for prime time.
Dive into a fantastic collection of new patterns for amazing apps, including clipboard patterns, file patterns, and advanced app patterns.
On the Chrome Developers site, explore capabilities APIs.

Accessible for all

Learn how to make your sites more accessible for people with disabilities, whether permanent, temporary, or situational.
Our new course is a great entry point and reference for accessibility topics.
An overview of three tools and techniques for testing and verifying accessible color contrast of your design.
This tutorial describes how to build an accessible main navigation of a website. You learn about semantic HTML, accessibility, and how using ARIA attributes can sometimes do more harm than good.
Read our interview with Melanie, a software engineer who specializes in digital accessibility.

Payments and identity

Find the latest techniques and best practices for payments and helping users safely log into your sites and apps.
Passkeys make user accounts safer, simpler, easier to use.
Create a sign in experience that uses passkeys while still accommodating existing password users.
Learn more about Web Payments and how they work.
Maximize conversions by helping your users complete address and payment forms as quickly and easily as possible.

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