AI is an acronym often used interchangeably to represent different types of technology in the field, including machine learning, large language models, generative AI and more. Here you'll find resources built for understanding AI now, on the web.

Get started with AI

Understand the basics and definitions of the various emerging technologies, often referred to as AI.
As web practitioners, it's critical that we build new technology thoughtfully and responsibly.
Discover techniques to get contextual results from generative AI, at-scale.


Learn how to access the Gemini API on the web, with the Google AI JavaScript SDK.
Gemini 1.5 Pro can perform more relevant problem-solving tasks across longer blocks of code.
Discover example prompts and code for the Google AI Gemini API and Vertex AI API.

Watch to Learn

Watch these videos to learn AI fundamentals and discover TensorFlow JS.
This introduction is aimed creatives, web developers, and JavaScript practitioners interested in using machine learning in their next project or idea.
Learn the foundations and definitions for some of the industry's most used buzzwords, and what they actually refer to.
Using pre-trained models can allow you to prototype an idea faster. In some cases, you can use these models in production.

AI on Chrome

Discover Chrome's documentation and updates around WebGPU and other AI tools.
"WebGPU is more than just web technology. It's a thriving ecosystem centered around a core technology."
"If WebGPU is inoperable or not working as expected in Chrome browser, find clear steps to solve the issues where possible."
"Test client-side, browser-based AI models in true browser environments, while also being scalable, automatable, and within a known standardized hardware setup."
"Setting up a consistent testing environment with GPUs can be harder than expected. See the problems we faced and how we solved them, so you can improve your application's performance."