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June 30 — July 2, 2020

Bringing web developers together, from home

These are unprecedented times, with people worldwide looking to stay connected and informed. The Web plays a special role here, and we're proud to see how the community has stepped up.

Join Google's Web Platform team, from the comfort of your homes, to celebrate our community's actions, learn modern web techniques and connect with each other.

What to expect

Over three days, we'll share quick tips on aspects of modern web development. Each day, we'll "travel" to a new timezone to cover a couple aspects in short 10-20 min sessions and answer your questions.

Welcome to Day One
What's New in Speed Tooling
How to Optimize for Web Vitals
Mastering the Chrome UX Report on BigQuery
How to Analyze Your JavaScript Bundles
Core Web Vitals in the DevTools Timeline
AMPs Performance Secrets
AMP at Your Service
Workerized JavaScript Made Easy
Debugging JavaScript SEO issues
Implementing Structured Data with JavaScript
Day Two Opening Note
What's New in DevTools
What's New in V8/JavaScript
What's New in Puppeteer
Shipping a PWA as an Android app
How to Define your Install Strategy
Progressively Enhancing Like It's 2003
Advanced PWA Patterns
Giving Your PWA Superpowers 🦹‍♀️
App-Like UX for Better PWAs
Quieter Notifications Permissions
Storage for the Web
Advanced APIs for Bringing People Together
Day Three Opening Note
Building Better in the World of Build Tools
10 Modern Layouts in 1 Line of CSS
Writing Build Plugins
Image Compression Deep-dive
How to Stay Fast and Fresh with Angular
Security and Privacy for the Open Web
Cookie Recipes - SameSite and Beyond
Prevent Info Leaks and Enable Powerful Features: COOP and COEP
Find and Fix Problems with Chrome DevTools Issues Tab
Just the Data you Need
Form Best Practice
What's New in Web Payments

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