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Page load is not fast enough on mobile networks

Appears in: PWA audits

Many users of your page visit on a slow cellular network connection. Making your page load quickly on a mobile network helps to ensure a positive experience for your mobile users.

A fast page load on a mobile network is a baseline requirement for a site to be considered a Progressive Web App. See the Baseline Progressive Web App Checklist.

How the Lighthouse page load speed audit fails

Lighthouse flags pages that don't load fast enough on mobile:

Lighthouse audit showing page doesn't load fast enough on mobile

Two main metrics affect how users perceive load time:

For example, if a page appears visually complete after 1 second, but the user can't interact with it for 10 seconds, users will likely perceive the page load time as 10 seconds.

Lighthouse computes what the TTI would be on a slow 4G network connection. If the time to interactive is more than 10 seconds, the audit fails.

Each PWA audit is weighted equally in the Lighthouse PWA Score, except for three manual audits: Site works cross-browser, Page transitions don't feel like they block on the network, and Each page has a URL. Learn more in the Lighthouse Scoring Guide.

How to improve your page's load time

How to improve your overall Performance score

Unless you have a specific reason for focusing on a particular metric, it's usually better to focus on improving your overall Performance score.

Use the Opportunities section of your Lighthouse report to determine which improvements will have the most value for your page. The more significant the opportunity, the greater the effect it will have on your Performance score. For example, the Lighthouse screenshot below shows that eliminating render-blocking resources will yield the biggest improvement:

Lighthouse: Opportunities section

See the Performance audits landing page to learn how to address the opportunities identified in your Lighthouse report.


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