Ensure tabindex attribute values are not greater than 0

A tabindex value greater than 0 implies an explicit navigation ordering. Although technically valid, this often creates frustrating experiences for users who rely on assistive technologies. Lighthouse reports when some elements have a tabindex value greater than 0:

Lighthouse audit showing some elements have a tabindex value greater than 0
Some elements have a `tabindex` value greater than 0.

How to fix this problem

Using a tabindex greater than 0 is considered an anti-pattern because screen readers navigate the page in DOM order, not tab order. Any tabindex greater than 0 jumps the element to the front of the natural tab order. This unexpected tab order can give the appearance of skipping some elements entirely.

If you have a tabindex greater than 0, and you're using a native element, remove the tabindex all together. Native HTML elements such as <button> or <input> have keyboard accessibility built-in for free.

If you're using custom interactive components, set the tabindex to zero. For example:

<div tabindex="0">Focus me with the TAB key</div>

If you need an element to come sooner in the tab order, it should be moved to an earlier spot in the DOM. Learn more in Control focus with tabindex.

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