Ensure video elements have captions

Captions make video elements usable for deaf or hearing-impaired users, providing critical information such as who is talking, what they're saying, and other non-speech information. Lighthouse reports any <video> elements that are missing a <track> element with the attribute kind="captions".

How to fix the problem

To fix the problem, add at least one track element to the video element with attribute kind="captions":

<video width="300" height="200">
<source src="marathonFinishLine.mp4" type="video/mp4">
<track src="captions_en.vtt" kind="captions" srclang="en" label="english_captions">
<track src="audio_desc_en.vtt" kind="descriptions" srclang="en" label="english_description">
<track src="captions_es.vtt" kind="captions" srclang="es" label="spanish_captions">
<track src="audio_desc_es.vtt" kind="descriptions" srclang="es" label="spanish_description">

Learn more in <video> elements must have a <track> for captions.

The example above includes both captions for hearing impaired users, and audio descriptions for visually impaired users. Audio descriptions provide context beyond dialog, such as scenery, facial expressions. See also Ensures <video> elements have audio descriptions.

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