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    <title>How to add Richer Install UI to your web app</title>
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    <h1>How to add Richer Install UI to your web app</h1>
        Install the app by clicking the button below. After the installation,
        the button is disabled.
          <button disabled type="button">Install</button>
        When you click on install a dialog similar to the ones from app stores
        will be displayed.
        The dialog includes the `description` and `screenshots` set in the app
        Screenshots should be different depending if the app is being installed
        on a mobile or desktop device, according to the `form_factor` value set
        for the screenshots on the manifest


        // The install button.
const installButton = document.querySelector('button');

// Only relevant for browsers that support installation.
if ('BeforeInstallPromptEvent' in window) {
  // Variable to stash the `BeforeInstallPromptEvent`.
  let installEvent = null;

  // Function that will be run when the app is installed.
  const onInstall = () => {
    // Disable the install button.
    installButton.disabled = true;
    // No longer needed.
    installEvent = null;

  window.addEventListener('beforeinstallprompt', (event) => {
    // Do not show the install prompt quite yet.
    // Stash the `BeforeInstallPromptEvent` for later.
    installEvent = event;
    // Enable the install button.
    installButton.disabled = false;

  installButton.addEventListener('click', async () => {
    // If there is no stashed `BeforeInstallPromptEvent`, return.
    if (!installEvent) {
    // Use the stashed `BeforeInstallPromptEvent` to prompt the user.
    const result = await installEvent.userChoice;
    // If the user installs the app, run `onInstall()`.
    if (result.outcome === 'accepted') {

  // The user can decide to ignore the install button
  // and just use the browser prompt directly. In this case
  // likewise run `onInstall()`.
  window.addEventListener('appinstalled', () => {