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The eBay Logo and a screenshot of the eBay site

Shopping for speed on eBay.com

Addy Osmani
Addy Osmani

Optimizing the performance of eBay's sites and apps for a faster user experience.

Advancing the web framework ecosystem

Houssein Djirdeh
Houssein Djirdeh

Chrome is collaborating with open-source frameworks to work towards a better web

Two pairs of hands holding a cup of tomatoes.

Integrate PWAs into native sharing UIs with Workbox

Sam Richard, Joe Medley, Jeff Posnick

How to get your PWA to show up next to native apps in system-level sharing UIs

Icons contained inside white circles compared to icons covering its entire circle

Adaptive icon support in PWAs with maskable icons

Tiger Oakes
Tiger Oakes

A new icon format to use adaptive icons on supporting platforms.

Roadblock barricades

Improving page dismissal in synchronous XMLHttpRequest()

Joe Medley
Joe Medley

Reducing delayed navigations

Computer processor graphic

Threading the web with module workers

Jason Miller
Jason Miller

Moving heavy lifting into background threads is now easier with JavaScript modules in web workers.

Chrome User Experience logo, PageSpeed Insights logo, and a metrics chart.

Speed tooling evolutions: highlights from Chrome Developer Summit 2019

Elizabeth Sweeny
Elizabeth Sweeny

New performance metrics, updates to PageSpeed Insights and Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX), and more.

Lighthouse logo.

Lighthouse evolution: continuous integration, new performance score formula, and more

Elizabeth Sweeny
Elizabeth Sweeny

Get the latest Lighthouse updates and insights from Chrome Developer Summit 2019.

Adaptive loading: improving web performance on slow devices

Milica Mihajlija
Milica Mihajlija

Learn how to ensure every user gets the best possible experience by optimizing your sites for specific hardware and network constraints.

Index cards in a filing cabinet.

Indexing your offline-capable pages with the Content Indexing API

Jeff Posnick
Jeff Posnick

Enabling service workers to tell browsers which pages work offline

Use web workers to run JavaScript off the browser's main thread


An off-main-thread architecture can significantly improve your app's reliability and user experience.

Adam Argyle and Una Kravetz showing that they'll talk about 12 CSS features.

Next-generation web styling

Una Kravets
Adam Argyle
Adam Argyle, Una Kravets

Get up to date on some of the exciting features in modern CSS.

Feedback from the summer 2019 image optimization survey

Sam Dutton
Sam Dutton

Comments from survey respondents about various image optimization techniques

The Web Bundle logo

Get started with Web Bundles

Kenji Baheux
Yusuke Utsunomiya
Yusuke Utsunomiya, Kenji Baheux

Share websites as a single file over Bluetooth and run them offline in your origin's context

Colorful airplanes flying in sync

Richer offline experiences with the Periodic Background Sync API

Joe Medley
Jeff Posnick
Jeff Posnick, Joe Medley

Sync your web app's data in the background for a more native-like experience

An illustration demonstrating that web apps can use the system-provided sharing UI.

Share like a native app with the Web Share API

Joe Medley
Joe Medley

Web apps can use the same system-provided share capabilities as native apps.

An illustration demonstrating that native apps can now share content with web apps.

Receiving shared data with the Web Share Target API

Joe Medley
Pete LePage
Pete LePage, Joe Medley

Sharing on mobile made simple with the Web Share Target API

OYO Lite: a TWA with the best of web and Android apps

Michael Friesenhahn
Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain, Michael Friesenhahn

How a hospitality startup built an Android app that relies on web content to dramatically increase user engagement and keep file size low

AirSHIFT's logo.

Five ways AirSHIFT improved their React app's runtime performance

Yusuke Utsunomiya, Yosuke Furukawa, Satoshi Arai, Kento Tsuji

A real-world case study of React SPA performance optimization.

A person using a virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality comes to the web

Joe Medley
Joe Medley

A few basics to prepare you for a spectrum of immersive experiences: virtual reality, augmented reality, and everything in between.

SameSite cookie recipes

Rowan Merewood
Rowan Merewood

Update your site's cookies to prepare for the upcoming changes to the SameSite attribute's behavior.

A long-exposure shot of a moving subway train and advertisement posters at the station photo.

Fast ads matter

Gustav Ernberg von Heijne, Jonathon Imperiosi, Rob Hazan, Beng Eu

Learn how improving ad speed can increase revenue and makes users happy, and how to approach ad speed improvements.

A drawing of a woman using OTP to log in to a web app.

Verify phone numbers on the web with the SMS Receiver API

Eiji Kitamura
Eiji Kitamura

Help users type OTPs received through SMS

A wall with a bunch of image frames in different sizes.

Preloading responsive images

Yoav Weiss
Yoav Weiss

Starting in Chrome 73, link rel="preload" and responsive images can be combined in order to load images faster.