Introducing Learn Performance

Today we're launching the initial version of Learn Performance, the latest entry in the Learn series on! As web performance is a vital part of the user experience, it was only a matter of time an official course on the topic was released!

Learn Performance is intended for an audience that cares about web performance, but may be just beginning to get familiar with it. This course starts from that assumption, but wastes little time in getting you into the technical details of what it means to make web pages as fast as they can possibly be for your users. It was written chiefly by Kevin Farrugia, with a couple of modules written by Jeremy Wagner, and reviewed by Rachel Andrew and Barry Pollard.

While you may read this course in any order you like, beginners are better off working their way from the beginning to the end. Those with more experience in web performance may be able to pick and choose which modules they want to read, in whichever order you prefer. What matters most is that you gain knowledge that you can use to make your corner of the web faster for all who visit it.

Since Learn Performance is currently an initial course offering—and therefore not complete—we're open to your feedback, whatever it may be. Perhaps you've spotted a typo, or a factual error. Better yet, if you'd like to see a specific topic covered, suggest it! If you're so inclined either way, file bugs and content suggestions on our public tracker. In the meantime, expect additional modules to be released over the coming months and beyond.

Are you ready to learn about performance? Then get started here!