Introducing Learn Testing

Matthias Rohmer
Matthias Rohmer

Learn Testing.

Today we are excited to announce the most recent addition to our course series! Learn Testing is a brand-new course written by Sam Thorogood, a former startup CTO and ex-Google engineer who understands the challenges of building robust applications. The new course will teach you everything you need to know about testing web applications, with focus on test automation. You will learn about the various test types, testing environments, what is actually worth testing, up to writing your own component tests.

Research has shown, developers still spend a lot of their time running manual tests. Often because setting up proper tests is seen as cumbersome and difficult. But in most cases, writing tests is worth the effort and can save you time in the long run! With the launch of the first chapters of this new course and the ones following over the next couple of months, we hope to encourage more developers to take the plunge and start adding tests to their projects.

As with all the other courses on, like Learn HTML, Learn Performance, or Learn Accessibility you don't need to work through the course chapter by chapter. It also neatly works as a reference that you can share with your colleagues whenever you touch on testing.

As soon as you are ready, feel free to dive into Learn Testing! Let us know what you think and what you are looking for in upcoming chapters, either by filing an issue or by posting at us on X with @ChromiumDev.