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Beyond the Rack re-engages users on the mobile web, increasing revenue per visit by 26% with push notifications.

Push notifications allowed us to bring one of the most compelling capabilities from our native app to our mobile site. We see a direct 20% click-through rate from push notifications—having another channel to reach our users is a game changer.

Richard Cohene, VP Marketing, Beyond the Rack

Key Insights

  • 52% of total users are mobile web
  • 26% is the average increase in spend that occurred by members who visited via push
  • 20% click through rate from push notifications
  • 72% more time spent on the site per visit from members who visited via push notifications

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About Beyond the Rack

Beyond the Rack is a leading online retailer that runs sale events of designer products for its 14 million members globally. Until recently, the company primarily depended on targeted, daily emails to re-engage users. Recent internal research showed that 52% of users were visiting their site via the mobile web, so they looked for ways to improve their mobile engagement and sales. At this point Beyond the Rack reached out to their mobile shopping platform partner Mobify. Working with Mobify, Beyond the Rack implemented push notifications on their mobile website and saw a 50% increase in repeat visits within 3 months. The company also found push notifications delivered higher value visits, with members spending 26% more per visit on average.

Three steps of Push: Ask, Register, Engage

Timely, relevant notifications

Every day, Beyond the Rack sends emails to their members about new and exclusive sales events. With limited sale periods—usually 48 hours—the company couldn’t rely solely on customers checking their email to generate sales. Beyond the Rack’s new push notifications provided a 20% click through rate which worked perfectly for flash sales alerts. The notifications also provided Beyond the Rack with another touchpoint to interact with a highly-engaged and commercially-valuable audience.

High attention users arrive from push notifications

Beyond the Rack members who visited the site via push notifications spent 72% more time on the site per visit and shopped more often than the average visitor. By creating timely pushes, Beyond the Rack increased the relevance and excitement of their pushes - and customers showed their love through higher sales.

The value of web-based push notifications for business

More than 50% of new members discover Beyond the Rack via the mobile web so having an avenue to re-engage them after this initial interaction in a personalized way makes it more than just a platform for discovery. Because push messages appear at the front of a customer’s mobile phone home screen, they prompt greater response and more immediate action.

About Push Notification

Push notifications enable your mobile web users to choose to receive notifications on their device just like an installed native app. This lets you effectively re-engage them with customized, compelling content.

More Information

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