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United eXtra Electronics grows eCommerce sales by 100% with Web Push Notifications


  • 12% click-through rate
  • 100% more sales from users arriving via web push
  • 4x increase in re-engagement

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eXtra is Saudi Arabia’s leading and fastest-growing consumer electronics and home appliance retailer. They serve over 12 million shoppers at 40+ stores across Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain.


Saudi Arabia is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. With over 2.5 million shoppers discovering, researching, and purchasing via eXtra.com every month, eXtra’s 100% year-on-year mobile growth is driven by the mobile web. Until 2016, the company depended primarily on targeted emails to re-engage with mobile web users, which required customers to sign up and register. Re-engaging with their mobile web shoppers became a constant area of focus.


eXtra worked with Mobify, their mobile shopping platform partner, to implement Push Notifications for Android web users visiting their mobile website. These Push Notifications sent via the mobile web look and feel exactly like native app notifications, and work even if the browser isn’t currently running on a device.

eXtra saw an incredible, instant customer reaction. Within six weeks, they noticed that those who had opted into receiving Push Notifications were returning 4X more often and spending twice as much time on the site. eXtra’s new web Push Notifications provided a 12% click-through rate, which worked perfectly for sales alerts. The return on investment was substantial and eXtra saw a 100% increase in sales from those arriving via web push. Web Push Notifications now exceed email as eXtra.com’s best-performing retention-marketing channel.

Plus, the notifications provide eXtra with another touchpoint to interact with shoppers. Imagine tapping into a highly engaged and commercially valuable audience instantly, with just a few simple enhancements. “Push Notifications are a huge part of our mobile engagement strategy,” says Mujeeb Hazzaa, chief business development officer. “It’s a more personal way to communicate with our customers. That’s incredibly valuable to our bottom line.”