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Push Notifications help Jumia reverse cart abandonment and increase conversions by 9X


  • 38% Open rate
  • 9X more conversion on previously abandoned carts from web push users
  • 7.85% conversion rate on previously abandoned carts from web push users, vs. 4.5% for native app.

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About Jumia

Jumia is a leading e-commerce website in Africa. Most of their customers use mobile devices, which also provide the largest source of traffic and user growth.


Nearly a quarter of shopping carts were abandoned on Jumia’s mobile site every day. To counter this, they reminded customers via email to complete their purchases. But getting people to provide their email addresses is challenging, and email open rates are low. With over 65% of their web traffic on mobile browsers, Jumia looked to progressive web app technologies like Push Notifications to solve their problem and re-engage mobile users who had abandoned carts.


Working with middleware provider Accengage, Jumia implemented Push Notifications in just days through Google Tag Manager. They then began sending Push Notifications to customers with abandoned carts. These notifications look the same as those from native apps, and arrive even if the browser is no longer running.

The new strategy delivered a 38% open rate on mobile and shoppers recovered carts 9X more often than before. Conversion rates from Push Notifications for cart abandonments on mobile web now outpace the native app’s—7.85% versus 4.5% respectively. “We’re closer to our users with web push, because it’s a more personal way to communicate with them. Customers aren’t all willing to download our apps, as they dread the impact on their data bills,” says Jeremy Doutte, Jumia CEO.