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Summary launches their media Progressive Web App in India. Within days of implementation, session time per user increased by 39% and daily views per user by 15%.


  • 80% reduction in page load time
  • 39% increase in session time per user
  • 19% reduction in bounce rate
  • 77% increase in conversion from visitor to video viewer
  • 15% increase in average daily video views per user


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Voot is one of India's top video-on-demand products, available as both a native app and a mobile web app. It offers close to 35,000 hours of premium content online, including exclusive shows from networks such as Colors and MTV, as well as Voot Originals and over 8,000 videos for children. Voot is run by Viacom18, a joint venture between Viacom and Network18 Group.


Mobile devices are a primary form of media consumption in India. Such devices often have limited storage for native apps, making the mobile web a critical part of the Voot product strategy.

Most mobile Voot users access the Internet via metered 2G and 3G networks. Data transfer is expensive, and while users become highly committed to a video once it starts playing, slow load times lead to users giving up before the experience can even start. To address that challenge and increase mobile web usage, Voot looked to enhance their site with Progressive Web App features.


To improve the overall user experience, turned their site into a Progressive Web App, using features such as Add to Homescreen and a service worker.

While 4G services have recently launched, most users in India reach the Internet via 2G and 3G networks, with slow and sometimes expensive data transfer rates. To reduce the data being transferred, optimized their images specifically for mobile, and the site now dynamically serves either JPEG or WebP images depending upon browser capabilities. also decreased load times by adding a service worker to preload images as the user navigates, and to cache images for repeat visits. The site was also analyzed with Lighthouse to gain performance insights, which in turn allowed a reduction in JavaScript and CSS overhead and the implementation of synchronous server calls.

These optimizations resulted in a 63% reduction in first-view page load data transfer and an 86% reduction in data transfer for returning visitors. Page loads became 5 times faster for first-time visitors, and almost 7 times faster for returning users.

To offer a true app-like experience, also implemented add to home screen, allowing users to launch the page from their home screen like a native app. This combined with a streamlined login process allows users to quickly and easily re-engage with the site and watch their favorite shows.

Voot launched its new UI first on mobile web, ahead of desktop web and native app. Within days of launch, the improvements translated to a 19% reduction in user abandonment and a 77% increase in conversion from visitor to video viewer. Users also showed higher levels of engagement, with a 39% increase in average user session time and a 15% increase in average daily video views per user. These user engagement metrics show performing similarly to the native app, without requiring the user to install anything.

“We have moved the needle very significantly when it comes to user experience on the Mobile Web by adopting PWA” says Rajneel Kumar, SVP - Head of Product and Technology for OTT and Digital Ventures at Viacom18. “All the time and effort we’ve spent on technology and UI changes as well as optimizations seem to be showing very positive results. We are going to continue to refine this further and we are confident that we will continue to see significant consumer lift.”