New Progressive Web App training now available

Get started with Progressive Web Apps with our new six-part training, complete with new codelabs.

A lot has changed in the world of Progressive Web Apps since we released our last set of PWA training over four years ago: CSS Grid achieved widespread implementation, PWAs came to desktops, and the capabilities project has launched more than 25 new device-integration focused APIs, opening up brand new app segments that can be built entirely on the web. Today, we're excited to share the first iteration of our newly updated PWA training to teach you how to build reliable, installable, and capable Progressive Web Apps for all devices.

The current version of the training is divided into six slide decks, ready for you to learn from or for you to pick up and teach to others. They are:

To go along with this new material, there are eight new codelabs that will guide you through turning a web app into a Progressive Web App with deep device integration, using the concepts taught throughout the slide decks. You can jump into any codelab and work on it individually, or you can go through them one after another; the choice is yours. They are:

Over the next few months, we'll be converting the slide deck content into easier-to-consume and update formats. This will make it easier for us to keep the content up-to-date, so no more waiting four years for another push of content. Keep an eye on this space. The future of web apps is exciting, and we're thrilled to teach you how to build it.