Accessibility Week

Our week celebrating accessibility resources

This week we highlighted accessibility resources to help you make your sites and applications usable by everyone.

We're continuing to roll out Learn Accessibility, a brand new course written by Carie Fisher that will take you through the essentials for building accessible websites and web apps.

We've had 3 community spotlights:

  • Melanie Sumner told us about her journey into engineering, accessible design, Ember.js, and the importance of funding these efforts.
  • Olutimilehin Olushuyi told us about his move from the law to web development, building accessible community, and creating accessible layouts.
  • Albert Kim told us about mental health awareness, building for invisible disabilities, the COGA Accessibility Community Group, and more practical wisdom.

Watch us answer your questions

On Thursday, Alexandra White spoke with Carie Fisher and Melanie Sumner about accessibility, and we answered some of your questions.

Have more questions? Ask us on Twitter, @ChromiumDev.

More resources

A solid document structure is a great start for accessible development. Find out how to really use HTML in our Learn HTML course. Follow it up with Learn Accessibility's Content structure module for more on semantic HTML, landmarks, and tables for accessible content.

In Testing web design color contrast get an overview of three tools and techniques to ensure your content is readable by everyone.

In Building the main navigation for a website learn how to create accessible navigation using semantic HTML.

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