Introducing Learn Accessibility

Today we are launching Learn Accessibility—the next in our series to help get you up to speed with modern web development.

Alexandra Klepper
Alexandra Klepper

Today we are excited to announce a new addition to our series of courses on Learn Accessibility is a brand new course written by Carie Fisher that will take you through the essentials for building accessible websites and web apps.

Seven modules are launching today, and the rest will follow in staged launches through the end of 2022.

Read them in whatever order you'd like, and we hope you'll discover some new best practices. Even with our accessibility experts, we're constantly learning about new tools and new techniques to make our sites the best they can be. Some accessibility best practices differ, based on the disability you're addressing. It's important to understand your users and to listen to people with disabilities when they tell you what they need.

Learn Accessibility joins our existing courses:

We are open to your feedback. Open a GitHub issue and give as much information as you can so we can address your questions or concerns.

Coming up, we'll also have a series of interviews with various people working in accessibility. Follow this space to read their insights.