Airhorner detail


AirHorner is a simple air horn.

What we like?

There is a little bit of bias here, the author of this post wrote the app. But in summary, it is installable and works offline.

Possible Improvements

Is the fact that it is incredibly annoying not enough?

Q & A with Paul Kinlan

Why the web?

I built this app because I wanted to show users and developers that not every single app needs to be a native app, and for an experience such as this where it is only meant to be used once in a while, but feel like it should be installed. The web is an ideal distribution platform for this.

Are you worried that service worker is not yet in all browsers?

No. I made this app to load quickly irrespective of the browser being used, service worker for installability and offline is an added bonus that should delight users. My thought at the time was that if a user adds this app to the home screen then it must work where ever the user is irrespective of the connectivity.

If you could have any API to improve your app, what would it be?

Web Intents but everyone knows that. Actually, Web Intents wouldn't have been useful for this app. One area that I would love to see expanded is Payments, I could quite easily see that having a quick way to buy new sounds etc would be quite nice.