Image Format Lossy Plugin(s)
JPEG imagemin-mozjpeg
PNG imagemin-pngquant
GIF imagemin-giflossy
Imagemin plugins for filetypes.
Tool Summary
  • Budgets for different types of resources based on their size or count
  • Budgets based on sizes of assets generated by webpack
  • Checks uncompressed sizes
A table with the cell content vertically aligned by data-alignment="top" exception.
Option 1 Option 2
@font-face { font-family: Helvetica; } @font-face { font-family: Helvetica; font-display: swap; }
Table using a `code` element.
Network Device JS Images CSS HTML Fonts Total Time to Interactive budget
Slow 3G Moto G4 100 30 10 10 20 ~170 KB 5s
Slow 4G Moto G4 200 50 35 30 30 ~345 KB 3s
WiFi Desktop 300 250 50 50 100 ~750 KB 2s
Tables scroll when their width is larger than that of the content column.


Codec Extension Library
av1 WebM, mkv libaom-av1
h264 MP4 libx264
vp9 WebM libvpx-vp9


Codec Extension Library
aac MP4 aac
opus WebM libopus
vorbis WebM libvorbis

Next, we'll show you how to change the bitrate of your newly created files.

Explanation of header fields

Each endpoint configuration contains a group name, max_age, and endpoints array. You can also choose whether to consider subdomains when reporting errors by using the include_subdomains field.

Field Type Description
group string Optional. If a group name is not specified, the endpoint is given a name of "default".
max_age number Required. A non-negative integer that defines the lifetime of the endpoint in seconds. A value of "0" will cause the endpoint group to be removed from the user agent’s reporting cache.
endpoints Array<Object> Required. An array of JSON objects that specify the actual URL of your report collector.
include_subdomains boolean Optional. A boolean that enables the endpoint group for all subdomains of the current origin's host. If omitted or anything other than "true", the subdomains are not reported to the endpoint.

The group name is a unique name used to associate a string with an endpoint. Use this name in other places that integrate with the Reporting API to refer to a specific endpoint group.