Welcome to our growing collection of component patterns. These can provide inspiration, accessibility requirements, adaptive strategies for viewport and user preferences, and more.
Create a responsive and accessible breadcrumbs component for users to navigate your site..
Style the different buttons types of the web.
Create a color-adaptive, responsive, and accessible carousel component.
Create color-adaptive, responsive, and accessible mini and mega modals.
Create a mouse and keyboard accessible 3D game menu.
Build a color adaptive and accessible loading bar with the progress element.
Create horizontal scrolling experiences for the web that are minimal, responsive, accessible and work across browsers and platforms.
Build a responsive, adaptive, and accessible, multi-select component for sort and filter.
Build a settings component that is responsive, supports multiple device inputs, and works across browsers
Responsive, stateful, supports keyboard navigation, works with and without JavaScript, and works across browsers
Build an adaptive and accessible split button component.
Build a Stories component for the web that is responsive, supports keyboard navigation, and works across browsers.
Build a dark and light theme adaptive favicon with SVG.
Create a responsive, adaptive and accessible switch component.
Create a tab component with grid and scroll snap points.
Build an adaptive and accessible toast component.