New patterns for media apps

Dive into a fantastic collection of new patterns for media apps. Grab the user's screen, add video Picture-in-Picture mode, create audio effects, record from the mic, or customize media notifications.

François Beaufort
François Beaufort
Tony Conway
Tony Conway

Let's welcome our new collection of media patterns to help you create modern media experiences on the web for great audio and video playback:

  1. Use the Web Audio API to add effects to audio sources.
  2. Let the user control media playback on the lock screen, in a widget, or with hardware keys.
  3. Record audio from the user's microphone.
  4. Create a custom Picture-in-Picture button for your video player.
  5. Record the user's screen.

We hope these patterns will help you build amazing apps, and we're looking forward to your feedback! You can provide feedback by tweeting at @ChromiumDev or filing an Issue.

Photo by Kenny Eliason.