Address Bar Install for Progressive Web Apps on the Desktop

Progressive Web Apps are easy to install with a new install button in Chrome’s address bar (omnibox).

On desktop, there's typically no indication to a user that a Progressive Web App is installable, and if it is, the install flow is hidden within the three dot menu.

In Chrome 76 (beta mid-June 2019), we're making it easier for users to install Progressive Web Apps on the desktop by adding an install button to the address bar (omnibox). If a site meets the Progressive Web App installability criteria, Chrome will automatically show an install icon in the address bar. Clicking the button prompts the user to install the PWA.

Like other install events, you can listen for the appinstalled event to detect if the user installed your PWA.

Adding your own install prompt

If your PWA has use cases where it’s helpful for a user to install your app, for example if you have users who use your app more than once a week, you should be promoting the installation of your PWA within the web UI of your app.

To add your own custom install button, listen for the beforeinstallprompt event. When it’s fired, save a reference to the event, and update your user interface to let the user know they can install your Progressive Web App.

Patterns for promoting the installation of your PWA

There are three key ways you can promote the installation of your PWA:

  • Automatic browser promotion, like the address bar install button.
  • Application UI promotion, where UI elements appear in the application interface, such as banners, buttons in the header or navigation menu, etc.
  • Inline promotional patterns interweave promotions within the site content.

Check out Patterns for Promoting PWA Installation (mobile) for more details. Its focus is mobile, but many of the patterns are applicable for desktop, or can be easily modified to work for desktop experiences.