Explore our structured learning paths to discover everything you need to know about building for the web.


Essential metrics for a healthy site.
Measuring performance and user experience.
Techniques for improving site performance.
Learn how to optimize for the Interaction to Next Paint metric.

Build excellent websites

Capabilities that enable app experiences, built and deployed on the web.
Build a site that works for all of your users.
Build the next generation of web apps with AI.
See consistent, reliable performance regardless of network quality.
Ensure your site and your users' data is secure.
Ensure users can find your site easily through search.
Build the next generation of payments on the web.
Add audio and video to your web sites
Connecting hardware devices to the web
Techniques for developing high-performance animations.
Understand and build advanced authentication systems.
Enable high-performance applications on web pages.
Learn best practices for writing effective and maintainable tests.
Baseline brings clarity to information about browser support for web platform features.


Build performant and progressive React applications.
Build performant and progressive Angular applications.


A web developer's exploration into mini apps—apps that are built with web technologies, but that don't run in browsers.