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What does it take to be installable?

Appears in: Progressive Web Apps

Many browsers indicate to the user that your Progressive Web App (PWA) is installable when it meets certain criteria. Example indicators include an Install button in the address bar, or an Install menu item in the overflow menu. In addition, when the criteria is met, many browsers will fire a beforeinstallprompt event, allowing you to enable an install flow, directly from your PWA.

In Chrome, your Progressive Web App must meet the following criteria before it will fire the beforeinstallprompt event and show the in-browser install promotion:

  • The web app is not already installed
  • Meets a user engagement heuristic
  • Be served over HTTPS
  • Includes a Web App Manifest that includes:
    • short_name or name
    • icons - must include a 192px and a 512px icon
    • start_url
    • display - must be one of fullscreen, standalone, or minimal-ui
    • Note: prefer_related_applications must not be present, or be false
  • Registers a service worker with a functional fetch handler

Other browsers have similar criteria for installation, though there may be minor differences. Check the respective sites for full details:

On Android, if the web app manifest includes related_applications and "prefer_related_applications": true, the user will be directed to the Google Play store and prompted to install the specified native app instead.

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