Learn Images!

Today we have launched Learn Images! In our newest course learn about image formats, compression, responsive images, and performance.

Today we are excited to share with you our latest course on web.dev. Learn Images is a new course written by Mat Marquis, and it's a deep dive into all you need to know about images on the web.

This course is created for beginner and advanced web developers alike, covering everything from the basics of ensuring image sources are efficiently requested and rendered, to the details of how common image formats are communicated from server to client. Throughout this course you’ll learn how to achieve the smallest possible transfer sizes for your images without compromising on their quality—at least, not in a way anyone will be able to see.

As with all of our courses, you can go through the series from start to finish for a holistic understanding of how images work on the modern web, or use it as a reference for the specific concepts and markup patterns you’ll be using in your day-to-day work.

Learn Images joins our existing courses, as we develop a library of resources to help you learn key web development skills: